The drone high flying cameras that allow you to capture unique perspectives of popular subjects – are one of the most exciting innovations in photography in the last year or two. The cost of bringing a camera into the air has recently dropped significantly, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you follow this path.

Aerial Photography

It’s thrilling to get home, load your files, and marvel at the incredible scenes you’ve shot when you first start traveling. All I took in my first few weeks of flying was exciting. However, I quickly realized that aerial photography is similar to other types of photography in that it is all about the light! So, rather than going out at random, I started chasing the light and weather, which has always been a strength of mine when it comes to landscape photography.

Most drones’ built-in cameras are currently nowhere near the quality you’re used to with your ground-level camera. Despite the fact that it only has 12 megapixels, the ability to film a RAW file gives you more flexibility in post-production. The jpg files are also very good, especially if you’ve been flying in good light.

The drones capture high-definition video, up to 4K, resulting in stunning aerial footage. In reality, at 4K resolution, a high-quality frame can be extracted directly from the video.

Even in low light, the camera’s output has been incredible for such a small device, and the camera’s stability at 300 feet has been incredible. You can even take panorama photos much as you would at sea level, resulting in something truly special. Why not attempt a time-lapse from a height of 300 feet?

Amazing Technology 

Today’s drones have some amazing technology on board that has revolutionized aerial photography: 

  • You can see how the drone is seeing by attaching your Smartphone to your handheld remote control device. This allows for precise compositional changes.
  • The camera has a lot of options, including auto or full manual power, RAW capture, and even time-lapse.
  • The drone will hover in one place for an extended period of time, much like an aerial tripod! If you take your hands off the controls, the drone will remain in the same place.